A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A 2D Boss fighting game. Play as Eve, a girl who's been chased into an abandoned mansion, and must fight off her all too familiar foes.


Patrick Ickes - Designer

Dan Dababneh - Designer

Mitchell Quigg - Designer

Jamie Harris - Artist

Jin Zheng - Artist

Troy Davis - Artist

Jonathan Taylor - Programmer

Ricardo Miranda - Programmer

Adrian Yogore - Programmer

Evan Karlson - Programmer

James Post - Sound

Ami Patel - Sound

Cole Kreuger - Sound

Adrian Burk - Sound

John Bashak - QA

Ian Jeannin - QA

Martin Johnson - QA

Ezekiel Pearson - QA

Sebastian Pedersen - QA

Gabriel Willemssen - QA


Within (Windows) 59 MB
Within (MacOS) 59 MB


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